Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Mystery Of Mystery!

People devour reading mysteries because they are a safe thrill, kind of like roller coasters when you’re a kid. They’re a safe adventure, as well. You can see the dark side of people, but you know that justice will prevail. Good will overcome evil. People respond because they can become part of the solution. They’re on the winning team, capturing villains, killers, and righting wrongs.

On a more basic level, people love to escape into brilliant prose and fascinating stories. In mysteries, there are puzzles to solve. The reader must piece together the clues, and if they do this one step ahead of the detective, booyah!! They puff up with pride.

More than the puzzle, though, mysteries help us cope with the psychological and emotional concept of death and our own mortality. You can never evade death.It will come, one way or another. Escape reality with many like mystery reads at Vuify.

In real life, we’re never prepared for death. It is never rational and never easily accepted. Ah, but in a mystery, death makes perfect sense–or at least it does by the time the sleuth has solved the crime and brought the killer to justice. This brings us full circle to the idea of justice. In a mystery, death is explained through reasoning. A truth is discovered. For just a while, death, the one thing we cannot escape and can never understand, makes sense and we can accept it. Resolve many thrilling mysteries at Vuify.

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